Champions of Europe is a Play By Email/Forum football management game using the ESMS
(Electronic Soccer Management Simulator). The game is supported by a Managers Forum for interaction between
managers and message board for posting messages/comments in realtime.

There are weekly league matches with cup matches and Champions League matches played in the week,
matchdays are Thursdays and Sundays.
Each matchday the manager submits his teamsheet with his starting line-up, and tactics which are then processed by
the admin team via the ESMS engine to simulate the matches.  This produces a match report with all the key statistics
and reporting from the match for the manager to study and see how his team has performed, the admin team will then
round up all reports, breakdowns, update league tables and then update the forum with matchday
links and the website with all key information. (

How To Join
New managers/players can apply to join the forum and then submit a message with a team they wish to manage, they can check out
the available jobs thread on the forum or alternatively send an email to

Our game features playable leagues in the following structure:-

The SuperLiga consists of 14 clubs which are made up from all over Europe and is the top division within Champions Of Europe.
The top 4 clubs will qualify for the Champions League with 5th & 6th qualifying for the Europa League.
The bottom 3 teams will relegate to the divisions below.
This is the first of the lower divisions and consists of 14 teams mainly situated in the west of Europe.
This the second of the lower divisons and consists of 14 teams form the rest of Europe.

The top team in each of the Coca-Cola and Pepsi leagues will earn promotion to the Superliga and the four teams finishing
second and third will enter the playoffs to decide the last team to promote.
The teams will play each other over two legs with the winner taking their place in the SuperLiga the following season.
The top two teams in the Coca-Cola and Pepsi leagues will qualify for the Champions League with
the two third placed teams entering the Europa League.
The bottom two teams in both lower leagues will relegate and be replaced by new teams to freshen up the league.
It is also possible that the teams finishing 12th in these leagues may also be relegated but
the Admin team will make that decision on an individual basis.


Champions Of Europe operate an under 23 league to enable clubs to develop young
players that aren't yet of the quality for the first team.
All clubs are able to operate an under 23 team, although it is optional (see below) and sheeting is not compulsory.

The league is split into 5 divisions of 10 teams each.
The Elite league is the top division. The bottom 3 teams will relegate to the divisions below.
Division One is split into 2 Divisions, West and East. The top team in each division will promote to the Elite league
with the teams finishing 2nd and 3rd in each division entering the playoffs to determine the final team promoted.
The team with the best record will play the team with the worst record and the other 2 teams
will play each other, regardless of which division (East or West) they are in.
The two winners will then playoff for the final promotion place.
The bottom 2 teams in each divison will relegate to the respective Division Two league.
Division Two is also split into West and East leagues.
The top 2 teams in each division will automatically promote to the equilivent Divison One league.
All playoffs will be 2 legged games with no away goals and penalties to decide the winner if needed.

Whilst the ethos of the league is to develop young talent it is a competitive competition
and uses promotion and relegation with prize money also being awarded.
If managers want to maintain an under 23 squad but do not wish to sheet then they
should indicate this intention to the admin team.
The under 23 team will then play a standard 442U (Unmanaged) formation/tactic with no sides selected for players
and no substitions (other than injuries) or conditional commands being used.
The under 23 team must have a minimum of 18 players and contain at least 2 goalkeepers at all times.
Any player aged under 24 and rated 21 (20 for defenders) or lower is eligible for the under 23 squad
and the squad can also contain 1 goalkeeper and 3 outfield players over the age of 23 but rated 22 (21 for defenders) or less.
The U23 squad will operate a 442plus rule.
This means that any player (excluding a goalkeeper aged 23 or under as long as he is not your best keeper) that would make your
first team squad based on a 4-4-2 formation with one sub in each position (GK, DF, MF and FW) cannot play for your U23 squad.
Players can move freely between the squads providing the above rules are adheared to
and the player has been in the particular squad for a minimum of 2 weeks.
This means you cannot move a player to the U23s for one match and then move him back to the seniors
straight afterwards (or vice-verser), you will need to wait for 2 weeks.
Managers are able to disband their under 23 team if they so wish but this cannot happen
during the season and will happen once the season is completed.
If the club has built an academy they will be able to recoup some of the cost by dismantling the building(s).
They will receive half of the price it cost to build the building(s).
Under 23 players aged 20 or younger that are not of first team quality
will be released from the club and can be bought by any club.
If the releasing club wishes to keep any of these players then they will need to pay a
retaining fee and guarantee the player games in the first team.
Once a club no-longer runs an under 23 team they will not be able to buy players aged 20 or under
unless they are first team players and will get a regular amount of games

We have 6 Cup competitions so plenty for manager's to play for in the league season.
The most prestigious is the Champions League played with 16 clubs from across Europe,
the current Champions League holders are also automatically in the draw.
The Europa League is another prestigious competition, mainly for the cup winners with
a few additional teams chosen from league position.
It consists of 16 teams and operates a similar format to the Champions League.
The winners qualify for next season's Champions League.
The CoE Cup is a knockout competition for all 48 teams in the league.
It is a straight knockout competition played over a single tie and the winner will qualify for the Europa League.
There are also league trophies for each individual league which are played over 2 legs
including the final and the three winners qualify for the Europa League.
The under 23 cup is a knockout competition for under 23 teams.
All under 23 teams will take part although the top teams will not play in round 1.

To access your team page, visit our website ( and follow the links to the league and club pages.
You will find the leagues and club badge with links to each club where you will find the club page
and all details of the club, such as manager, manager rating, sponsorship, league history, stadium & facilities,
club roster, club finances and under 23 roster if the club has an under 23 team.
The club history can be important as it gives you and idea of how the club has featured in
previous season and whether they could be a good club for you to manage and set your goals.

Your club roster shows the players currently in your squad (including loaned-in players and excluding players loaned out)
and their individual skills.  Again if joining in the season, looking at these stats can help
determine if players are playing well do they feature heavily within the squad.
We will now go onto explain what the stats mean for each player:-

Name Age Nat Prs St Tk Ps Sh Sm Ag Kab Tab Pab Sab Gam Sav Ktk Kps Sht Gls Ass DP Inj Sus Fit
Harry_Kane 30 eng C 1 3 8 24 51 27 100 401 652 846 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100

Name = the players Name, not advised to use more than 12 letters. (' is used to shorten names)
Age = the players age, different ages get different bonuses - check out the End of Season Re-Rates
Nat = Nationality of player. (por = Portugal)
St = Shot Stopping, a skill for goalkeepers only
Tk = Tackling skill, how well player tackles important for defensive players
Ps = Passing skill, how well the player passes important for midfielders
Sh = Shooting skill, how well the player shoots important for attacking players
Sm = Stamina, Players with high rating get tired less quickly.
Ag = Aggression. The aggression factor decides how competitive the player is. If you like a hard tackling team
then you want players with high ag but be careful as they are prone to bookings and being sent off.
Kab = Keeper Ability Points
Tab = Tackling Ability Points
Pab = Passing Ability Points
Sab = Shooting Ability Points
Gam = Number of games played
Sav = Amount of saves the player has made
Ktk = Amount of key tackles the player has made
Kps = Amount of key passes the player has made
Sht = How many shots the player has made
Gls = Amount of goals scored by the player
Ass = Amount of assists the player has made
DP = Amount of Disciplinary points gained, this can involve suspensions
Inj = Amount of weeks that the player is injured and missing games
Sus = Amount of weeks the player is suspended
Fit = Current fitness level of the player rated between 1-100

The ability points are very important in your roster these are a reflection on how your
players develop their skills and how they are progressing through the season.
These can also be trained explained later in the rules (see facilities).
The points are judged between 1-999 and as games are played your players earn ability points for
individual performances (gained with shots, tackles, passes etc.)
When these ability point fields reach 1000 your player gains an extra point in their skill field (tackling, passing, shooting etc...)
When you reach 1000 in the Kab field, your player gains 1 point on his St (Shot Stopping) column.
When you reach 1000 in the Tab field, your player gains 1 point on his Tk (Tackling) column.
When you reach 1000 in the Pab field, your player gains 1 point on his Ps (Passing) column.
When you reach 1000 in the Sab field, your player gains 1 point on his Sh (Shooting) column.

Over the course of the season you will pick up injuries and suspensions.
This means you will need replacements in your squad to ensure you always have enough players
to fill the 16 spaces on the match day.
If your club is involved in Champions League then you may need more players in your roster for rotation,
for this reason we recommend having a minimum of 22 players although there is no set minimum requirement.
We do insists that ALL squads (including U23) have a minimum of 2 goalkeepers at all times.
Managers will also need to think about players playing on different sides of the field too,
the sides are R = Right, C = Center and L = Left.
Any player can play on any side of the field but they will perform better when playing in their correct position,
the game engine will recognise this and will give better balance to your team.
Example: DML = Defensive Midfielder playing on the left side, FWC = Centre Forward
If teams wish to operate without an under 23 squad then their senior squad MUST contain a MINIMUM of 23 players.

** Please note if you fail to field 16 players for a teamsheet, you will receive automatic 3-0 loss and will be fined by the CoE Admin team.
It is your responsibility to manage your roster.

This is where the action is as manager of your club,  your team sheet is the selection of players, formation
and tactics you make for each game along with a set of instructions for your players to follow in certain situations.
Your teamsheet should be in a notepad file with the .txt format and can be emailed in,
but most managers send pasted teamsheets in a forum message to the relevant administrator of the league.
Teamsheet deadline is 9pm UK time on Thursdays and Sundays.

// the team's 3 letter abbreviation is aft - meaning its roster is aft.txt


// start playing the game P - passing

// The opening squad: the formation is 4-3-1-2, note the side balance
// of players

GK T_Edua
DFL J_Balboa
DFC B_Ekse
DFC X_Solatti
DFR PJ_Plant
MFL I_Gustavson
MFR M_Fowler
MFC Morinho
AMC F_Longfellow
FWL M_Ecuarti

// The subs

GK W_Pfarcec
DFC T_Vittorio
MFC D_Rombart
FWL F_Iksandr

// Primary penalty taker

PK: I_Edo // Orders

// Change tired for fresh players on the 70th minute
SUB 9 12 DFC IF MIN = 70
SUB 7 14 MFC IF MIN = 70

// Change the worst DFC to play as MFC if we're not winning after the 50th minute

// The following 3 orders happen if the team is losing somewhere after the 65th minute.
// It's an obviously offensive scenario: the tactic will change to Attacking, we'll move
// a player up front from AMC to FWC and bring in another AMC instead of a MFC
SUB 8 15 AMC IF MIN >= 65, SCORE < 0

GK = Goalkeeper
DF = Defender
DM = Defensive Midfielder
MF = Midfielder
AM = Attacking Midfielder
FW = Forward
The first 11 players are the starting 11, the next 5 are the substitutes.

Player Sides
R = Right  L = Left and C = Centre, very important to get a balanced formation.

Sample Orders
To make things clearer, here are some sample orders with explanations:
TACTIC A IF MIN >= 45, SCORE =< -1
Tells the program to change the tactic to attacking if it is later than the 45th minute
and your team is losing by one or more goals.
TACTIC A IF MIN => 45, SCORE =< -1, SCORE > -4
Tells the program to change the tactic to attacking if it is later than the 45th minute and your
team is losing by one or more, but less than 4 goals.
Changes the position of J_Doe to MFC if it's earlier than the 20th minute and your team leads by one goal or more.
SUB MFC 12 DFC IF MIN = 60, SCORE => 1
Substitutes the worst MFC of your team for player 12 (that will play DFC) if you
are leading by one goal or more on the 60th minute.
Changes the position of the worst FWC of your team to MFC if some MFC got a red card after the 50th minute.
If player J Balboa is injured he is replaced with defender from the bench.

Your tactics will decide how your team will play and how your players will use the skills at their disposal.
The earlier example used the P tactic, but you can choose from 7 different options.
Additionally, each tactic enjoys a bonus against other tactics, but suffers a disadvantage against different tactics.
Managers will try to predict the tactics employed by their opposing manager,
and counter these in order to try and dominate the match.
This gives a weaker team a fighting chance against a stronger team.
In "Champions of EuropePBEM" we have made some changes to typical tactics used in other ESMS management games.

The options are:-

N- Wingers European, Sanction & Attacking
L- Long Ball Counter Attack, Sanction & Normal
P- Passing
Long Ball & Normal
C- Counter Attack
Passing & Attacking
A- Attacking
Defensive & European
D- Defensive
Long Ball & Passing
E- European
Counter Attack & Defensive
S- Sanction
Counter Attack & Defensive

NB:    Wingers - (Side forgets defending and just focuses on attacking therefore you need to
play with 1 or 2 DM's with good defense skills to cover wingbacks pushing forward)
   Sanction - (Side plays more like the Barcelona, short intricate passing trying to control the ball and maintain possession)

In the tactics.dat file we have made adjustments to how the tactics are played with the game engine.

If managers fail to submit a teamsheet you will be given a random sheet (with no conditionals) on the first miss,
a random with reserve players on the second miss and a 442T sheet for all subsiquent misses.
This means your team will play 442 with a T (Assistant) Tactic.
If managers fail to sheet for 3 league team sheets in a row, you will be sacked from your club.
Remember managers, your club needs you so failing to sheet will cause problems for your club.
Managers should check spelling of players, whether they are on loan and need the +
and double check their teamsheet before submitting to admins.
If a teamsheet has more than 3 errors managers will be given a 442U (Unmanaged) sheet.

FORMATIONS - Maximum and Minimum Positions
There are five different positions used in ESMS, to give each team a different set of formation abilities.
Apart from the Goalkeeper, your outfield players can play in defence, defensive midfield, midfield, attacking midfield forward.
Each position uses the player’s skills in different ways, but the way they are used is
self-explanatory and you can relate to real life on where and how your player will play.
We have made changes different to other games to give managers more variety in formations and more tactical thinking.
The following boundaries need to be met by all clubs when picking their teams for the games.

DF 2 6
DM 0 3
MF 1 6
AM 0 3
FW 0 5

The midfield total of 6 includes DM, MF and AM positions and must not exceed 6 across all 3 positions.
Teams are not allowed to play a 343 formation due to annomolies in the CoE ESMS match engine.

Before you create your teamsheet you should consider checking out your opponent.
This can be done by going on forum and checking out the last matchday report.
Once you know who your next opponent is you can click the match reports link to view match reports for previous matches.
You can also look at your opponent’s roster to see what players are available for selection from their club page.
These pieces of information may help you to predict what team and tactics your opponent may play.
Your managerial experience is then needed to decide whether to try and counter their
playing style and formation or stick with your favoured tactics and formation.
Once you have created and submitted your teamsheet to the admin team the games will be run by one of our match runners.
As the matches are simmed in the free time of the match runners, games are posted as and when the admin staff can do so.
This could be any time during the 24 hours following the teamsheet deadline but are usually available within a couple of hours.

Once the games have been simmed the admin member will post a “Post Match Reaction”
thread on the forum to indicate the match reports are viewable on the website.
Simply click the “Match Reports” link followed by the round you wish to view.
The main website will be updated with the league tables, key statistics
like scorers, passers etc....matchday and any headlines news.

These should be checked on your roster to ensure you do not pick players who are unavailable for selection.

In "Champions of Europe PBEM" there are some clubs that just cannot assign a manager,
or keep losing their manager to other clubs.
We want to try and make all clubs competitive for prospective new managers into the game, so we have allowed caretakers step in.
The main task of the caretaker manager is to make the club attractive and competitive for any new managers joining the game.
Caretaker managers cannot be at 2 clubs in the same league, this keeps fairness,
and should they play each other in the cup, the caretaker club will be given a random team sheet.
In the unlikely event that the manager's main club and caretaker club face each other in the
Champions League the caretaker club will be given a random team sheet.
To apply for a caretaker position message the relevant administrator.
Any instances of 3 missed sheets in a row will void you from being the caretaker manager
at the club and you will be immediately sacked this can effect your manager rating.

The aim of caretaker managers should be:-
Bringing down the overall age of the team.
Try not to sign 35 year old's, even if they are to be the best player in your team
Try to make the club profitable. Reduce wages, Increase gates, build facilities and expand stadium

If caretaker clubs can achieve the above each month they will be rewarded with a cash boost of £7,500,000 every month.

Caretakers managers should avoid:-
Going into debt
Missing teamsheets

The caretaker manager should be positive and look to develop the club.
Please do not apply to caretaker a club if you cannot give the club your time.
Caretaken teams will be allowed to loan a player from the managers main club as long as the
player would not make the main team's first 11 but would be a first team player of the loaning club.

Managers in the game can conduct transfers with unmanaged clubs by contacting the relevant Admins
(currently Dazoctaron) and making reasonable offers which will be considered on an individual basis.
We want to keep all clubs in the game competitive for any potential new managers.
Unmanaged clubs will have teamsheets submitted for them and they use
different formations and tactics according to their opponents.
In most cases they will play 4-2-3-1, or 4-4-2 but not always.

Each club has to choose a captain and vice captain at the start of the season.
The captain will receive 750 abs in their main skill and the vice captain 500 abs.
Once this has been announced on the closing date set by the Admin team at the start of the season,
it cannot be changed until the next close season unless a new manager takes
charge of the team or (NEW FOR SEASON 10) manager tokens are used.
Managers can appoint their favourite players, or most experienced managers will appoint
someone who has 250 abs so the bonus 750 abs will take their main skill up 1 point.
Captains/Vice-Captains cannot be sold during the season and are unalbe to train secondaries (see below)

Managers can buy secondaries points to shape and mould the players they want
(excluding captain/vice-captain) and develop rising stars for the future, or boost their veterans.
The costs are £1 million per point, with a maximum of 6pts to buy for each club.
No Secondaries can go above 14 or go above the primary stat of the
player and no more than 2pts can be applied to any one player.
NEW FOR SEASON 10 - Extra secondaries can be bought using Manager Tokens (see below)
ie: Danny_Welbeck 28 eng  1  1  4 12  - Arsenal buy 2 pts at cost of £2 million
Danny_Welbeck 28 eng  1  1  6 12 and the club have 4pts still available for purchase.

Manager Tokens can be spent on certain things within the game.
Tokens are awarded for writing media, pre-match buildup, post match
reports on the forum and a few other 'games' on the forum.
The longer the media written, the more tokens will be awarded and tokens will also be awarded
depending on the content but even a one sentence build up or match report will earn you a few tokens.
Copy/pasting of league tables and match reports will not count.
Admin will be awarded tokens as a 'wage' for their work running the game.
Items that can be bought with tokens are always changing but could include things like extra training,
lowering a players aggression, changing player names, scouting players, changing/adding a
players preferred side, adding to a clubs finances, reducing injuries or suspensions etc.
(see the Manager Token area of the forum)

Each calendar month a manager of the month will be chosen for each league.
The award will be based on league results only and is awarded by the appropriate memebr of the admin team (currently Raingod).
Winning managers will be awarded 500 abs to distribute however they wish but they need to be awarded in groups of 10.
These abs can be split over different players if the manager wishes but all 500 can be given to one player.

One of the most enjoyable and important aspects of managing your club is
conducting transfers so you can build and strengthen your team.
Please note: Any player who has their nationality in capiatals is either a club captain, vice-captain,
on loan or unavailable for transfer and any bids for them will be automatically rejected.

How To Complete A Transfer
All transfers are done on the forum in the Tranfers Thread.
There are subforums called “Automated Transfer Market”, “Transfer Confirmations”,
"Processed Transfers" and managers can place their own transfer listed players in the TRANSFER ROOM.
Once you have agreed a deal with a manager this has to be “written up”.This means the agreement becomes public.
To do so simply go to the “Transfer Confirmations” area of the forum and post a new thread for the transfer.
Once the other manager confirms the deal by replying, deals will be processed, subject to Admin approval.
The format of the title for the transfer thread is as follow:-

man <<>> wol

Manchester United
- D De Gea
+ £100 million

+ D De Gea
- £100 million

Both managers must agree the deal for the deal to be processed.

Here is a guide for market prices on players based on rating,
to help make sure manager's are not losing out on potential revenue:-

12 25-30
13 30-35
14 35-40
15 40-45
16 45-50
17 50-55
18 55-60
19* 60-70
20* 70-80
21* 80-90
22* 90-100
23* 100-120
24* 120-140
25* 140-160
26* 160-180
27* 180-200
* defenders usually will cost about 10-20% more

TRANSFER RULES – Important Managers
All clubs have the same transfer rules, caretaker clubs are subject to admin review if needed
Our rules and restrictions are:
Clubs can sign upto 6 players per week.
Clubs can sell upto 6 players per week (excluding ATM)

However, during pre-season there are no limits in or out of clubs.
New managers are allowed to make deals but every transfer will be reviewed by admin before it is processed.
If we feel any transfer does not benefit the new managers club we will cancel the transfer.
Once a deal is confirmed by both managers, it is done, there is no going back so be careful.
Transfers are usually processed on a Monday.
During pre-season there is an auction, an intake of youth players for teams with an academy,
possibly a draft and new players will be added to the transfer list.
If a manager leaves a club for any reason then they will NOT be allowed to sign any
from that club for 4 weeks unless the club gets a new manager or players are transfer listed.

Loaning Players
Clubs can have a maximum number of 6 players loaned into their club at any one time.
If a club confirms another loan in when they have the maximum number already it will simply be ignored.
Clubs may only loan a maximum of 2 players from any one club but not in the same position (eg: 2 defenders).
This ensures that all clubs have an equal opportunity for loaning players
and managers do not try and help each other out with loan deals.
Clubs can involve money in loan deals and this is up to managers to arrange and loan deals
need to be confirmed by both managers and posted in the Transfer Confirmation thread on the forum.
Main teams are able to loan players to cartaker teams controlled by the same manager
provided the player does not make the main teams first 15 (442 plus 1 sub in each position).
Managers can arrange loans for their under 23 teams provided that both managers are
clear on this and all rules (including the 442plus) are followed.
Clubs that do not run an under 23 team CANNOT loan players to other clubs under 23 teams, only their first teams.

Free List and Releasing A Player
Some players do not have a club, througout the season there is a free list
and it's a first come, first served when signing players from the free list.
Clubs are also able to 'sell' players to the Automatic Transfer Market, ATM for short.
Clubs will receive a fee for the player and he will leave the club but the price will be below his market value.
The ATM rules are always being updated and will be shown in the ATM board on the forum.

Finances play a big part of any football club and managers will need to pay particular attention to income,
expenditure, prize money, sponsorship money...etc... when developing their team and club facilities.
The finance link on your club page on the main website keeps a record of all the financial transactions of the club.
Transfer, Wages, Gates, Stadium Improvements, Press Releases, Prize Money are all seen on this page.
This is one of the most important pages for you club, it helps you track how profitable your club is,
so that you can plan accordingly or make cuts in the playing staff to
ensure you have funds for transfer and avoid going into debt.
These are updated each month with gate receipts, wages, prize money, sponsorship and income from facilities.
Players wages are removed from finances every month on finances update
and include 50% of the players wages for the club's U23 squad.
Please consider this when maintaining a large U23 squad.
For each league game the home team will receive 100% of the gate receipts for that match.
Ticket prices are:-

CoE CUP * -£75
* Gates are shared 50-50


1st £40,000,000 £25,000,000
2nd £38,000,000 £23,000,000
3rd £35,000,000 £21,000,000
4th £34,000,000 £20,000,000
5th £32,000,000 £19,000,000
6th £30,000,000 £18,000,000
7th £29,000,000 £17,000,000
8th £28,000,000 £16,000,000
9th £27,000,000 £15,000,000
10th £26,000,000 £14,000,000
11th £25,000,000 £13,000,000
12th £22,000,000 £11,000,000
13th £20,000,000 £10,000,000
14th £18,000,000 £9,000,000


1st £17,000,000 £11,000,000 £6,500,000
2nd £15,500,000 £10,000,000 £6,000,000
3rd £14,000,000 £9,000,000 £5,500,000
4th £13,500,000 £8,500,000 £5,000,000
5th £13,000,000 £8,000,000 £4,500,000
6th £12,500,000 £7,500,000 £4,000,000
7th £12,000,000 £7,000,000 £3,500,000
8th £11,000,000 £6,500,000 £3,000,000
9th £10,000,000 £5,500,000 £2,500,000
10th £9,500,000 £5,000,000 £2,000,000


Winner £30,000,000 £25,000,000 £15,000,000 £10,000,000 £5,000,000
Runner-up £25,500,000 £20,000,000 £12,000,000 £7,500,000 £,4000,000
Semi-Final £20,000,000 £15,000,000 £8,000,000 £5,000,000 £3,000,000
Quarter-Final £15,000,000 £10,000,000 £4,000,000 £2,500,000 £2,000,000
Round 3 N/A N/A £3,000,000 N/A £1,000,000
Round 2 N/A N/A £2,000,000 N/A £750,000
Round 1 N/A N/A £1,000,000 £1,000,000 £500,000

Managers can develop their stadiums and club facilities which can also help the club earn more revenue,
each stand in the stadium has executive boxes which bring in revenue and
each club building will bring in revenue with some effecting % of gates.
A list of Stadium Upgrades and Club Facilities Upgrades is listed on the forum in the Stadium and Facilites board.

Clubs are allowed to go into debt (upto about £100m) for a short period during the season.
It is expected that the debt would be cleared by the next finances update (1 month) and failure to do so could
result in interest being charged on the debt, a fine, a points deduction or in serious cases being removed as manager.
It is possible that two or more of these sanctions could be applied.
The rules are slightly more relaxed during pre-season but if at any point during
pre-season the club is in debt it MUST be cleared before the season kicks off.
Clubs/managers that regulary keep going into the red will be frowned upon and
sanctions may be imposed even if the above rules are adhered to.


Managers of the Season
At the end of the season all managers will vote via a forum poll for there divisional manager of the season, the
manager with the most votes after the poll is locked will win the award and 1000 ability points to be awarded to their club.


Top Scorer
At the end of each, season the player who scores the most goals in their division.
The winner of the Top Scorer receives 300 ability points to there main skill.

Top Keeper
At the end of each season to the goalkeeper who tops their division in saves.
The winner of the Top Keeper receives 300 ability points to there main skill.

Top Assists
At the end of each season to the players who are top in their division in assists.
The winner of the Top Assists receives 300 ability points to there main skill.

Top Tackles
At the end of each season to the players with the most tackles in their division.
The winner of the Top Tackles receives 300 ability points to there main skill.

Top Chancer
At the end of each season to the players who are top in their division in shots on goal.
The winner of the Top Chance receives 300 ability points to there main skill.

Top Passer
At the end of each season to the players who are top in their division in passes.
The winner of the Top Passer receives 300 ability points to there main skill.

EOS Re-Rates & Aging

At the end of each season your players develop from teens in to young adults they seem to get better with age.
Older players will pass their best playing days and their skills will start to deterioate,
this is reflected in the game with End of Season rerates.
On the End of Season round-up, all players will be aged by one year, have the season's
record wiped clean and receive re-age ABS as part of development within the game.
The following bonuses and reductions are applied to players:-

16-18 +800 +400
19 +600 +300
20 +400 +200
21 +300 +150
22 +200 +100
23 +100 0
31 -15 -10
32 -30 -30
33 -100 -50
34 -175 -50
35 -300 -100
36+ -400 -150
* Excluding goalkeepers

YOUTH ACADEMIES (End Of Season) Youth Bonuses
Anytime during the season you can invest in a Youth Academy for your club.
Just post in Facilities Requests thread and state which level of Academy you wish to build.
There are no running costs for these academies and the level increase
cost is a one off payment but take a number of weeks to complete.
The bonuses offered apply to playes aged 21 or under BEFORE aging takes place.
All clubs start with youth academy level 0 - end of season bonuses = normal
Youth Academy Level 1 - receive 1 'free' player in the youth intake = 25,000,000
Youth Academy Level 2 - receive 2 'free' players in the youth intake and 10% eos bonus = 50,000,000
Youth Academy Level 3 - receive 3 'free' players in the youth intake and 20% eos bonus = 75,000,000
Youth Academy Level 4 - receive 4 'free' players in the youth intake and 25% eos bonus = 100,000,000

You can jump straight to building any level of Youth Academy but you would
have to pay the building costs of any level below that first also
example - Building a Level 3 Youth Academy costs 75 million,
but you would also have to pay for Level 1 & 2 - Total cost for a Level 3 = 150,000,000
and it will take the number of weeks for the highest level you are building at.
So for this example however long it takes to build a level 3 academy. (See Facilities on the fourm)

It is also possible to demolish your academy (main team only) and re-claim some of the expense of building.
This can be done one level at a time, or all at once, and you will receive HALF of the price it cost to build it.
So to go from level 4 to level 3 you will receive 50,000,000.
To totally demolish a level 4 academy to nothing means you will receive
£125,000,000 as the total coast to build a level 4 academy is £250,000,000.

In "Champions of Europe PBEM" we have slightly higher retirement ages than in
other ESMS games, League Players Will Retire At The Following Ages

Goalkeepers - 40 (players aged 39 will retire at the end of the season)
Defenders - 38 (players aged 37 will retire at the end of the season)
Midfielders - 38 (players aged 37 will retire at the end of the season)
Forwards - 40 (players aged 39 will retire at the end of the season)

Players who retire before their time will be eligible for a compensation payment to their club
based on their transfer value (which is determined on a case by case basis) and an age based multiplier:

30 or under: Full compensation
31: 85%
32: 75%
33: 60%
34: 40%
35: 20%
36 or older: No compensation

HALL OF FAME (Currently under review)
The Hall Of Fame lists the 10 most winning managers in the game.
All managers will be listed and your current position and points even if you are not in the top 10 list.
Only managers who are currently in the game are shown.
The following awards give points for the Hall Of Fame list:
             - Finishing League Position:
                 Superliga: winner 48 - runner up 36 - 3rd place 24 - 4th place: 20
                 Coca-Cola/Pepsi: winner 24 - runner up 20 - 3rd place 16
             - Champions League:
                 Winner 40 - runner up 28

             - Europa League:
                 Winner 35 - runner up 20

             - CoE Cup/League Trophy:
                 Winner 15 - runner up 8

             - Super Cup:
                 Winner 12 - runner up 6

             - Manager of the Month:
                 Superliga: 6
                 Coca-Cola/Pepsi: 3
             - Manager of the Season:
                 Superliga: 12
                 Coca-Cola/Pepsi: 6